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Urbookmyreview Premium members are given the access to our online book store where they can read the works of bestselling authors such as Nicholas Sparks, Paulo Coehlo, J.K Rowling, Veronica Roth, J.R.R Toliken, George R.R. Martin and hundrends of other phenomenal writers in the form of ebooks. Wait, you thought this was it? No, it's not. With each book you read in our online bookstore, just share the news on social media with the hashtag #readingurbook and you can stand a chance to win a bumper prize of 5000 credential points every month. There is even more- we are planning to start our own publishing house so all the titles published by us will be there for you to read- FOR FREE!
Now you can jump in excitement. Because we are too!

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With premium, you get more for your writing. Earn 1.5 times more credential points for your stories than regular users, premium users also gets featured in our tri-monthly magazine - bibliograph, with an audience reach of 2500+ readers across the country. Wait, the fun does not end here- With urbookmyreview publish, the members having premium membership can also have free of cost publishing counselling from us. If the premium members opt for a publishing package from urbookmyreview publish, then they get a complimentary customized promotion package worth INR 10,000 free of cost*
Also, your works gets featured in our #spreadurstory section in which we print the best stories on urbookmyreview and send it to different readers across the country, randomly. You surely don't wanna miss this chance.

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With urbookmyreview premium, you can do much more- and when we say much more, we mean it. You get 1.5 times more points on every activity you do. Claim bestselling foreign author's books from our prizes section. Get your books and goodies delivered faster to your doorstep. Get a chance to win our bi-monthly #urbookbox, get surprise gifts from our team, enjoy lower exchange rates than regular users, enjoy free entry in every contest and giveaway urbookmyreview organizes. Not just this, we have a lot more planned for you in the coming time. Switch to urbookmyreview premium for a nominal ₹ 99/month and experience our world like never before.

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