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Hey there, Welcome to urbookmyreview publish. If you are unsure about this and having any confusion about publishing your book, then let's make it easier for you. Here are some FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) that we thought would help you get a better understanding of our processes. Just read the following questions and you may get what you are looking for!

What is urbookmyreview Publish?

Overwhelmed and determined after getting so much love for urbookmyreview promotions, we thought that why not help authors from the scratch- that it, from the publishing stage We are going to enter the publishing scenario with a bang. From transparent monthly sales report of yuor books, to guidance for making your presence felt among the giants of the literature industry, we've got it all covered. urbookmyreview publish is a wing of urbookmyreview in which we deal with publishing books along with their marketing and distribution.

Why urbookmyreview publish when there are many other reputed publishing houses?

Valid question. And a good one. We are just entering in publishing scenario but we have observed it enough to understand what things a publishing house should do for an author in order to make a book a bestseller. We have a core team in which most of them are published authors from different publishing houses of the country and that helps us. We are a combination of tradition and technology blended together through ut of the box concepts which is surely unique from other publishing houses, plus our marketing team is one of the best in the business right now. So there's that. You will find out many reasons to love us once you associate with us.

How can I associate with urbookmyreview publish?

It's simple, you must have a urbookmyreview account in order to use our services. Then all you have to do is send a synopsis, three sample chapters, an author bio (in third person) to for evaluation purpose. You will get your all your submission details in your urbookmyreview publish account.

How much time does it take to evaluate a submission?

Within 14 working days. There are two stages for submission- First stage is primary evaluation. If your work pass this phase, then we will demand a full manuscript for secondary evaluation. It is necessary for your manuscript to pass through both evaluation phases. The second evaluation phase will take around one month and then if we finalise the manuscript for publishing then we will send you the contract details and proceed.

How will I know about the sales of the books?

We have an author dashboard for you from where you can have a track of sales via a monthly report, from that author dashboard, you will also have a track of progress of your book publishing stages- i.e from proofreading to print, you can know the status and progress of your book through that dashboard.

Where will be my books available?

The availablity depends on the package you choose, we have a range of distribution through online portals like amazon, flipkart, paytm etc. and we have a range of offline distribution in selected cities too.

Can I exchange something in place for the publishing package services?

No, we are afraid that we don't entertain barter requests.

Are there any hidden costs apart from the publishing package costs?

No. Although you have to bear the taxes which is 2.9% as well as the cost of books that will be sent to the reviewers by depositing the amount equivalent to the price of required copies or books or you can send physical copies of books to our address.

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Process for sending manuscript

Sending your manuscript for evaluation is very simple, all you have to do is send a query letter, along with three sample chapters, an author bio and a synopsis of your work to:

It will take 14 working days for us to revert back to you so please be patient, if the response is positive, then we will send you an email breifing you about the further process. If you have any query related to publishing you can always ask us, ad we will be happy to assist you.

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Our Publishing Packages

Choose any of the following packages according to your needs



  • Author Dashboard

    to track your sales and publishing progress
  • Author Copies

    Complimentary, free of cost copies for author
  • Video Trailer

    for better audience build up
  • Royalty

    % of MRP of book
  • Cover Design

    Interior and exterior
  • Manuscript Editing

    full-length editing
  • Proofreading

    a check for mistakes from experts
  • Online Visibility

    in portals across the country
  • Offline Visibility

    in bookstores across the country
  • Promotional package

    free marketing package from urbookmyreview
  • Royalty disbursed

    period after which you get your royalty

  • ₹ 20,000

  • 10

  • 10%

    of MRP
  • Bronze

    Promotional Package
  • 6

    Months period


  • ₹ 40,000

  • 25

  • 20%

    of MRP
  • Gold

    Promotional Package
  • 3

    Months period


  • ₹ 65,000

  • 50

  • 25%

    of MRP
  • Diamond

    Promotional Package
  • 3

    Months period