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Author: Anmol Rana

Publisher: Petals Publishers

ISBN: 9789385440373

Genre: Romance

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Those 7 days

Those 7 days


3.33 (out of 5)

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Blurb of Those 7 days

Some friends are special, because their stories are special. Stories that are innocent, beautiful, colourful and different in their own way. This is one such story of friendship and its journey to love. A Journey in which they were not together. A typical middle class lad, and a mealy-mouthed mummy-papa boy, Vishwas never imagined that in just seven days life will twist his roads and leave him at place he had never dreamt of. A typical middle class girl, a go-getter, and indefatigably correct when it's between the two, Shailja always believed that one day her life will be at crossroads. Wreathed in smiles, with his bag of dreams, aspirations and youthful reveries, Vishwas sets off on his dream journey from his small world in the tranquil foothills of the Himalayas. But soon the small town boy's dreams and fantasies are hijacked by the pace and character of the big city he lands in. The roller coaster called life derails from the path he chooses and goes amok refusing to stop, until he discovers a truth he hadn't imagined. What happened in those seven days that changed his life forever? Will he accept what the destiny unfolds? Will he fight? Will he run? Or fate has something else in store for him? ANMOL RANA : Anmol Rana is working as a scientist in DRDO and lives with his family in Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

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