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A nice concept expressing emotions and society simultaneously

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I got to read something different after a long time. Three phases of life are perfectly highlighted in this book:-
1. Kinds of relationships
2. Different approach to life
3. Corruption and politics in the literary world

The book highlights the different kinds and phases of relationship. Friendship, love, hatred, competition and a variety of emotions are mixed in the right proportion in the story. Be prepared to read some bold and extreme side of relationships as well. The changes in the stages of relationships and fluctuations of emotions are the highlights. Love and the accompanied responsibilities are well listed.

Rohit, Jeet, Karun and Ravi; the four main lead are shown to be having very contrasting personalities. They have different concepts about life, success, morale. They believe themselves to be correct and find it difficult understanding the views of others. These character traits are relatable and you will find someone like them around you.

The book exposes the darker side of the literary world where corruption is spreading at an alarming rate. The ones who deserve often find hard to rise amidst those who are playing the dirty game of politics. I appreciate Rahul Saini for bringing this issue in the limelight.

Concept- 4/5
Title- 3/5
Cover- 4/5
Narration- 3.5/5
Overall- 4/5