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In Search of Happiness

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Sweet short stories presented in a simple manner

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The book comprises of five stories, all sharing different ways of searching happiness. It is close to reality because everyone’s ways of seeking happiness are not the same. The stories talk about different emotions- happiness, struggles, pain, hope and love. These emotions are relatable to one and all.

The book has been divided into five stories namely- Divine, Transformation of a Lover into a Writer, In Search of Happiness, Nitya the Warrior and The Last Hope. The protagonists of all the stories are shown to be hailing from entirely different backgrounds. The stories are simple and quickly seep into your minds.

The things that put me off while reading this were some grammatical errors especially in the tenses. These could have been avoided with the help of a good editor. Though this is not a book that deserves an award but this is absolutely not a bad try for beginners. The ideas behind the stories are beautiful but they would have been excellent if the presentation and grammar would have been perfect. Still I recommend this one to those who do not want to analyse it critically and want to read some sweet short stories.

Title- 4/5
Storyline- 3/5
Concept- 3/5
Cover- 3/5
Overall- 3/5