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The Verge Of Fear

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A Treat for Mystery Lovers

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A treat for suspense, mystery and thriller lovers is here for you. Writing a book in this genre is a difficult task but the story line is a gripping one.

The book starts with mystery and makes the readers think more and want to read more. Sadhu is confused and is not able to remember what happened with him. He seems lost and unable to figure out his location and what is around him. Sadhu later meets Sage who tries to make things clear for Sadhu. The twists and turns in the first part of the book keep you involved. Self-realization, answers to some spiritual questions and philosophy of life have been nicely mixed in between the mystery elements in the story.

I found the second half of the story a bit loose. It was not that captivating where I could have read it without stopping. The starting is captivating but the book loses its charm towards the end. The events in the story become monotonous at times.

You can read this book if you are a mystery and thriller lover. However if you are very peculiar about grammar then do not give this book a try. The grammatical errors in the book might make you lose the flow of reading and spoil the essence of the story line. The grammatical errors could have been removed by good proof reading.

The cover and the title are appealing. Still the entire book could not be termed as a fantastic one for me. The narration could have been improved and that would have made this book a fantastic one because of its tempting and unique story line. The mystery element of the story is undoubtedly superb one. Analysis in short is as under:-

Cover- 4/5
Story Line- 3/5
Narration- 2/5
Title- 3/5
Overall- 3/5