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The Quest of the Sparrows

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The Quest of the Sparrows, 'Explore the joy of freedom', is just another book that has a plot centred around the search for everlasting joy, but it is not just another book. It begins with a simple fact that many of us fail to notice-
"Ever looked at the sparrows?...Why is happiness so difficult for us to achieve, yet so simple for them?"
Kartik Sharma could not have come up with any title better than this one. It is Catchy, at the same time bears the gravity of the content.
Nikhil, Sanjeev and Pratibhan are the three protagonist who take up greater roles in their respective parts. The author portrays the emptiness that the modern man feels deep within. As the last resort, Nikhil comes to an ashram where by practising self abnegation the inmates step closer to the higher purpose. With their guru Pratibhan they embark on a 600 km long journey on foot with minimal possessions.What this journey has to offer, will they get what they are seeking? The books answers them all.
This book brings in a hiatus for a moment or two just to introduce you to your innerself, to free your long fettered potentials and channelize them towards spirituality. Of course, It preaches spirituality but with a flavor I had never tasted before. The concept of Practical spirituality will surely struck readers.
The narration is lucid, not a sermon but teaches you a lot. I found it quite similar to 'The Alchemist' and 'The Monk who sold his Ferrari', this makes the tale predictable and loosen up interest. All in all, It is a good choice for a short reading weekend, especially if you have missed yourself for a while.