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The Story of My Second Marriage

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STORYLINE/ PLOT: Interesting and different. Narrated in first person by the protagonist Manju aka Manjunath, the story is about his second marriage. But is it as simple as that or is it just about his second marriage? No. A simpleton, Manju is prone to comparing his second wife i.e. Yamini with his first wife Chitralekha. However though he finds her less overbearing and more hospitable when compared to Chitralekha, he is at his wits end when he finds out that she is a compulsive liar. The ugly demon of suspicion raises its head within him giving him sleepless nights and making him irritable. Does he succeed in making peace with his situation? Does he forgive Yamini? What turn does his life take? To know this and much more of Manju’s second marriage one will have to read the book.

There are some unforeseen twists and there are some turns but the story is basically about Manju’s equations with his second wife.

CHARACTERIZATION: The character of Manju is well developed. He comes across as the village simpleton who in spite of acquiring a good education and landing a good job is hesitant to open his mouth, take firm decisions and use his authority when needed. He lacks in self-confidence and is a confused man. His frustration and lack of self-confidence is clearly reflected in the way he views his life and his handling of situations. On the other hand his sister Jaya comes across as a strong character.

Yamini left me confused I must admit. I could not understand her character in the beginning, neither on finishing the halfway mark nor by the end of the story. I wish there was more clarity as far as her character was concerned. It would have definitely made her feel more realistic and relatable.

LANGUAGE: Simple. Neither jargon nor long,winding sentences.


There are a lot of holes in the story that need to be darned seamlessly to make it truly enjoyable. A few cuts here and there will do no harm. In fact they will not only make the story slim and healthy but will be able to hold the reader’s interest till the end without making him/ her release a yawn.

In its present form the story comes across as a raw manuscript with umpteen grammatical errors as well as typos. The touch of a professional can work wonders for the story. Hope the author goes in for fresh editing soon.