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Wake (The Watersong Quartet #1)

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***Orginally on ***

i started to read this book this summer when i was at the beach and to be honest i LOVED this book. this book is a page turner where not for even one moment i was bored. the vivid description of the characters, the beach and eveything makes you feel that the whole thing is happening in front of you.

i was hooked to the book from the first line and thats why it took me only two days to finish! the cover of the book was amazing and the plot and twist in the story is TOOO good.

i personally liked the character Gemma cause she is carefree, adventurous and loves water just like me. i also like her chemistry with Alex.

so if you like myth and adventure you can surely go for this book, i am sure you wont be dissapointed! ( i am desparately waiting to read the second book!!)


PLOT- i LOVED the plot and the whole setting of the theme so 4.5/5 stars

CHARACTER- 4.5/5 (they are all unique in their own way)


COVER- 5/5 ( it looked awesome, main reason why i brought the book)

4.7/5 stars (highly recommended)