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The Drowning (The Drowning #1)

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I have recently finished reading The drowning by Rachel Ward and to be very honest, i am in love with this book. so basically this book deals with a boy, Carl who one day opens his eyes to see his dead brother being zipped in a body bag and his memory about the incident is totally washed up.

The synopsis of the book was quite promising and i wasnt let down. It was a complete page turner and i wasnt bored at any point of time. Though i did find the middle of the story being dragged and probably that was one let- down point of the book but that didnt made the book boring at all its just that if that dragged part was not there it would have been a solid and crisp story.

There is a lot of flashbacks in the book now and then which told us about what really happened in the past and i think its a superb way to tell a story. At the beginning of the story we see now slowly Carls memory is retrieved through various things like water(the creepy and scary part of the story), then some blurry images of the lake and much more.

i really recommend this book since i have absolutely loved this story and the whole mystery thing going on really sets the mood of the story.


PLOT- 4.5/5


writing- 4/5