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The book was beautifully written and the plotline was very interesting to me and is one of the best book i have read in 2016. there is so much happening in the story and the writer keeps the suspense till the very end. since i was sent this book by the publisher i didnt knw much about it and the synopsis of the book was quite normal but there is so much more happening in the book.

the story isnt dragged and the way of writing is simple and therefore this book is something which even a non-reader will like. it was really a fun and light read.moreover it is perfect to read this book during this time of the year since it is a winter time story with fusion of horror and adventure.

the cute romance between Charity and Aidan was so cute and was to fun to read. i think the romance wasnt at all like the stuff we read in a romantic novel. infact everyboy in the world should behave like Aidan with their girlfriends (future boyfriend take note :p).

overall the story and the plot was fresh and clear and wasnt to complicated. so if you are in one of your reading slumps then this book will be good for you to read to get over the slump as it is a simple story with a lot of adventure in it.

so go and grab your copies on november 2nd…. only 12 days left till the book releases!! you wont be dissappointed.


PLOT- 4.5/5



COVER- 3/5