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The Secret Letter

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Aarohy Kapoor

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A letter to Mr. Someone Special,

You may not be knowing me but I can assure you that you would love to know me after reading this letter.

I am a simple girl with high dreams and ambitions. I am a girl who loves making everyone smile. I am the girl who loves herself. I am the girl who loves life and want to enjoy it to the fullest.

I can be the naughtiest kid. But i can also be a mature and sensible woman. I may be sensitive. I can be rock strong. I love bike rides. But I equally love my someone special to hold my hand and walk along. I love pampering my hair and nails but when it comes to playing outdoors or video games, the girly me hides in the dark lanes.

I love shopping. I love choosing dresses, accessories and cosmetics online. But that doesn’t mean Audi, Mercedes, BMW or Jaguar don’t catch attention of mine. I may be a common girl yet I assure you that I am unique. I may be just too kiddish but that is the real me.
I am not extremely modern. Smoking and drinking stuff is not my type. I love changing my look and so get traditional sometimes. My friend circle is limited and I have a weak heart. But when it comes to my family and dear ones, I have the courage to tear the enemy apart.
I am not that delicate darling who is often a cry-baby. I am the girl who can be as ferocious as the lion of Durga Devi. I may get low at times but I know how to get up and smile. I appreciate goodness and kindness and your real smile.
I hate the liars and also the ones with a fake smile. But when it comes to animals, I see them and just smile.

About You:

You may be a crazy like me, or you may be simple. You may be adventurous like me or be lazy like the other me. You may love music but sing terribly bad. You may love dancing, but are shy because you are too fat. You may love gym but I am a yoga addict. You may love animals or be scared of them. As long as you are a good person and my someone special, these tiny things don’t matter.
You may love me, or you may hate me but after reading this letter you would love to know me. I may be beside you, I might be miles apart. But a small joke can make us smile every hour. I don’t expect much- just your love, support and trust. I am not crazy for money because I know I will earn that, a sensible someone special can make my journey easy.
I have a tiny wish. You may say it’s too big. I just want to create the worth of my signature and turn into something big. Yes I am crazy, yet I am honest. I am happy as I am because I love myself.
You may be beside me or thousands of miles far. You may be just like me or we may be poles apart. This letter is just 0.01% of me and rest is still a mystery for you. If you want to know me more, do reply to me. Else put this letter in a bottle and throw it in the sea. This letter will find its final destination I believe. Till then I will explore more of myself and keep the rest in mystery.

Yours lovingly,

Miss Someone Special.